20 Years…What a Journey!

It’s hard to imagine such a large chunk of your life having been dominated by something. For certain, Kim (my wife, partner and very much the brains of the operation) and I weren’t thinking of what the world would be like in 20 years when we started out on that journey. But then we were practically kids, just starting our lives together and with very, very little to lose the opportunity we were presented with was too good to ignore.
Those first weeks and months were full of possibility and excitement. There was perhaps five or six of us in total when we took on the task, and made it through the small business magic first year mark reasonably easy. The next 19 year have been typical, I expect, of what most businesses that have been around for while will have experienced – ups and downs, mistakes and lots of learning, certainly lots of growth as individuals and a team. But, generally speaking and not without challenges along the way, “up and to the right”. We are here today with a team of some 58 professionals across two countries, surrounded by truly excellent colleagues and wonderful people, respected by great partners and customers, so maybe we are getting more right than not.
We have certainly evolved as a company and the way we engage with our customers, just as the technology and business practices that our solutions are built around have as well. The last 20 years have seen the greatest set of changes and in the most compressed time in the course of human history. We are clearly in the midst of a new industrial revolution, driven by information and a whole new paradigm around the way people interact with it and each other…Adapting to that as a business, let alone helping advise our customer on how to leverage those changes to gain competitive advantage, is something we work hard at every day.
At Precise we live by a set of behaviours and culture that we believe will carry us into the next phase of our journey. We are a mix of great experience and youthful exuberance, of visionary technologists and practical professionals. We work hard and take pride in the positives we bring to our clients and helping them get the most out of their investment in Precise and the solutions we help deploy and develop. We have great partners we can rely on and the support of wonderful families.
We enjoy the company of the people we work with every day inside and outside the company.
All in all, not such a bad place to be. Bring on the next 20.
Mark Batina
Mark Batina, Managing Director.

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