If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

A manager’s day is made up of multiple events. Some are related, some – either actually or at least on the surface – not. If it crosses your desk (or phone or tablet or whatever) though, chances are a given event IS related to the key drivers that you use to help determine the performance of your slice of the business. How much visibility do you have to those key events, and the underlying data that they impact, or are impacted by?

Adaptive Insights is, by any measure, an industry leader in the field of Corporate Performance Management. The Adaptive Discovery module, either in its own right or used in conjunction with Adaptive Planning, gives you the ability to create standard and ad hoc views of your business – or the particular slice of it relevant to each stakeholder – without having to be a programmer or Excel whiz.

Adaptive DiscoveryYou can build dashboards with graphs, tables and trend lines to build a true visualisation of KPI’s. But even more than that, from there you can drill into the underlying data, and share content and notes with colleagues. Using the Office Connect module you can even build placeholders for your KPI’s right into Word, Excel and Powerpoint as live and updateable links.
Being a true cloud-based solution, your dashboards and saved viewpoints are fully supported across your different devices, wherever you are – in the office, in the field, at an airport lounge or working in your hotel room.

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