NetSuite Services Resource Planning

Large services organisations must remain competitive to maintain profit margins, which means streamlining internal business processes as much as possible. In order to do this, many firms turn to software solutions to maximise efficiency.

However, while generic ERP platforms often deliver performance improvements, the best results come from sector-specific, tailored systems. This is where NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) can make a real difference.

The software is the services sector’s first on-demand business management solutions suite that handles the entire bid-to-bill lifecycle, providing significant benefits across multiple processes.

Spanning marketing, sales, service delivery, invoicing and add-on services, among other modules, NetSuite SRP is designed to increase repeat business and attract new customers.

If your business is looking for a comprehensive all-in-one solution, the platform covers a broad spectrum of features, including;

  • Project and resource management
  • Timesheet management
  • Analytics
  • Billing
  • Expenses management
  • Project accounting
  • Client management

By encompassing the entirety of an organisation’s services, NetSuite SRP can deliver universal efficiencies through optimal utilisation of resources, a reduction of time-consuming manual tasks and streamlined administration.

Your services teams will have complete visibility and access to key business information from anywhere, at any time and from any device due to extensive web and mobility support features.

Furthermore, improve your strategic planning capabilities using robust reporting and analytics functions to gain real-time insights that will help your company adapt quickly to evolving market conditions.

Easy integration with your existing CRM and financial management systems means NetSuite SRP can be implemented into a variety of existing technology setups. This gives you the flexibility to choose a deployment strategy that fits your specific requirements.

To learn more about how NetSuite SRP can revitalise your services organisation, please get in touch with Precise Business Solutions today.