You like the idea of moving your core business applications into the Cloud, but there are those niggling concerns…With such a new paradigm, how do I find someone that can give me strong financial and operational management solutions with a proven history in the Cloud for safety and security, decent performance for my users now and into the future? How do I find a solution that ALSO will allow me to tailor what I need and not be buckled into the ‘one size fits all’ straightjacket?

NetSuite was providing robust, highly functional externally-hosted accounting software to businesses around the world LONG before we knew enough to use catchphrases like “Software as a Service” and “the Cloud”…That means when it comes to moving Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, CRM, Business Intelligence and Planning and Forecasting from a traditional model to a genuine Cloud future, NetSuite is clearly the best choice. And risks are further mitigated by partnering with Precise with our 20-year reputation for scoping, planning, delivering and supporting successful enterprise business application deployments.

Trusted by more than 40,000 organisations, NetSuite is the fastest-growing cloud-based ERP vendor in the world. And it’s easy to see why. Not only is it incredibly flexible, not only can it catch bad processes before the create havoc, not only can you find whatever information or functions you need; you can take NetSuite with you wherever you go – wherever the next opportunity is to be found. NetSuite is available anywhere, anytime you have a web browser, with core operational and CRM functionality also available through native mobile device app’s.

NetSuite brings together the three core enterprise application needs in today’s internet-connected, global economy;


  • CRM

    Make your customers and prospects the centre of your business. Track contacts, calls, correspondence, queries, opportunities and customer service cases. Automate communication and marketing activities, track your sales people and give them unprecedented access to the information they need to get business done as effectively as possible, and you visibility to what is happening.

  • ERP

    World-class, cloud-based, global Finance, Wholesale/Distribution, Services Resource Planning for project-based operations, Manufacturing and Payroll/HR functionality that you can selectively deploy over time into key areas of your business as needs be.

  • E-Commerce

    In today’s internet-enabled economy, what could be more critical than being able to use the web not just as a “me too” tool but as a way of genuinely differentiating yourself to your competition? NetSuite’s webstore can be deployed very quickly, instantly changing the way your customers see you. You can start really simple, or dive into a highly tailored, dynamic environment for both B2B and B2C situations. It’s up to you.

  • OneWorld

    Adds powerful multi-company, inter-company and multi-national accounting and trading functionality to the system including region-specific statutory compliance and language support. Additionally, the optional SuiteConnect module provides built-for-purpose capabilities for interfacing with corporate HQ ‘tier 1’ systems.

-Interwoven through all these different areas of integrated functionality are core technology foundations to help drive even greater value from your NetSuite solution:

  • SuiteAnalytics

    Powerful grid and graphical dashboards, tailored to individuals or different areas of your business, to help give immediate visibility to key business drivers, with full drill-down capability.

  • SuiteFlow

    Create tailored business workflows specific to your business, enforcing standards and preventing poor practices.

Our team of highly experienced system implementation experts can help guide you through the initial deployment and support you into the future growth of your business. Be it evolution or revolution that you are looking for, Precise and NetSuite are a great combination to have in your corner.