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Efficient HR and payroll functions are vital for running a successful company. Precise Business Solutions offers sophisticated software that can facilitate these processes.

A reliable payroll system is a fundamental requirement for any business that wants to ensure employees receive their wages in a timely fashion. However, finding the right solution for your organisation can be a challenge.

Many countries have different regulations and compliance needs, which means generic software may struggle to handle the complexities of specific payroll, leave management and tax requirements.

In Australia, for example, companies must comply with rules set by the Australian Taxation Office, the Fair Work Commission and individual state revenue departments.

This is why platforms such as Infinet Cloud Solutions (ICS) Payroll, which are designed to fully support the Australian and New Zealand markets, can provide comprehensive functionality across a range of payroll needs.

ICS Payroll offers a sophisticated cloud system that is becoming the go-to software for many NetSuite users across the country. The platform, which is built on NetSuite, has various payroll features, including:

  • Pay frequency management: weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Salary or wages based pay types
  • Simplified step-based payment processes
  • One-off payment options for bonuses and commissions
  • Adjustment pay runs
  • Automated pay
  • Pay rollback

In addition, users gain all the benefits of the cloud, such as quick and easy software updates to your account, reduced capital expenditure and maximum scalability.

ICS Payroll has extensive leave management features, enabling you to streamline holiday request and approval workflows. The fully configurable system also caters for specific needs, such as whether or not employees can take more than their allotted vacation time – and if so, by how much.

Sophisticated reporting capabilities with drag-and-drop options ensure you have maximum visibility across your payroll and leave management, with the results easily exportable to Excel or PDFs.

You can also empower your staff through numerous employee self-service features, including the ability to amend personal details and view payslips.

Please contact Precise Business Solutions today to see how ICS Payroll could help your company streamline core processes.

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