Precise Business Solutions Success Story – NetSuite ERP & Infinet Cloud Payroll – “Land Survey No Problems Just Solutions case study”

Land Surveys sees huge improvements with NetSuite from Precise Business Solutions.

When an organisation partners with Precise Business Solutions, it gets more than a quality ERP product. As surveying services company Land Surveys explains, what you acquire is an integrated software solution that empowers your business.

Of course, the ultimate goal for any company introducing a new ERP system is to streamline operations, reduce operational costs and increase profitability. However, by choosing Precise, companies can form a business partnership that goes above and beyond expectations.

Land Surveys has more than 140 staff members in offices and locations spread throughout Australia. From Perth to Brisbane and Darwin, the group provides comprehensive surveying services, specialising in resources, infrastructure, commercial construction, land development and 3D mapping.

The rapid growth and success of the company has also brought about new challenges. To support all of its operations, Land Surveys needed an integrated business software solution that could be deployed companywide.

Building for the future

The relationship between Precise and Land Surveys remains strong, with both companies keen to expand the capabilities of the core NetSuite implementation.

Land Surveys has already introduced a CRM module, which has helped centralise and strengthen key relationships with customers…

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Land Survey No Problems Just Solutions case study

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